The Vía Led emergency light came about as a new concept in emergency lighting where light and energetic efficiency are paramount, based on LED technology techniques. With the built-in ceiling version, there is optimum integration with the most advanced interior designs, thanks to its circular shape and reduced size. With a diameter only 50 mm, it is compatible with most existing dichroic rings, so installation is truly simple. The surface version is very aesthetically elegant and novel, with a size smaller than any other traditional emergency light. With Vía Led, we have used all of our technology and experience to obtain a highly effective light. Despite its size, the VV and VMV models cover 30 m of hallways with only two lights. This means that it can cover greater distance with less consumption and a lesser amount of lights. The Vía Ledfamily is also available in smart version (Automatic and Self-test), with native DALI and BUSING communication protocols; available in permanent and non-permanent operational modes.





Central Battery System  (24V DC)

Central Battery System  (230V AC)

Intelligent Central Battery System (230 V AC)



Type of operation

Non Maintained


Maintained / Non Maintained


V-DB Blade diffuser. Dimensions: 161x114x5 mm. Finish: White. Download sketch
V-R Rectangular frame. Dimensions: 95x95x5 mm. Finish: White. Download sketch
V-RR Round recession frame. Dimensions: 95x95x33 mm. Finish: White. Download sketch
PV-A Pictogram exit left /right. Dimensions: 160x105x1 mm. Maximum viewing distance: 23 m. Download sketch
PV-SD Pictogram front exit. Dimensions: 160x105x1 mm. Maximum viewing distance: 23 m. Download sketch


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